NAACP & Sanger: Birth Control Propaganda Starting in Harlem

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Dear Friends, please read the note and link below sent to me by a concerned young prayer warrior.

Spread the Word, speak the truth, in Agape love.

“Dear Dr. King, I saw how NAACP is threatening to sue and Bomberger, and I decided to do research on NAACP, thinking, surely they were pro-life. And although Angela Davis, who seemed connected to the NAACP didn’t like Sanger, W.E. DuBois did. And he was a co-founder of the NAACP.”

“I’m a bit surprised, and this article I’m posting a link to, has evidence of the connection to the Urban League, NAACP, and some of our most celebrated leaders, Mary McCleod Bethune who helped Sanger to reach out to the Black community. Even if it was unconscious, almost a 100 years later, it’s hurtful to see.”

Read article HERE.

One Response to “NAACP & Sanger: Birth Control Propaganda Starting in Harlem”

  1. Ronald Richards says:

    Ms. King
    Thank you so much for a most informative article. As a ‘thinking’ person, I came to the conclusion that most of the progressives were, in fact, at least subconsciously deeply prejudiced. The fact that the many of the progressives in history aligned themselves, in terms of racial perspective, with Adolf Hitler (a distinct progressive and socialist) is a horrifying thought. But more horrifying is the fact that many of these ideas are in vogue today, cleverly packaged as modern & sophisticated thinking. The persuasion of black women to have abortions reminds me of nothing so much as the Jews being led to the showers in concentration camps and actually believing they were going to take a shower. So incredibly sad.

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