Let Freedom Ring!

Alveda with Berinice King and Andrew Jackson

As we approach August 28th, which will be just a few hours from now, it’s important for us to remember that August 28, 1963, 50 years ago, people were marching for jobs, for decent housing, for justice, for better education.

Now in the 21st century, 50 years later we see people adding special interest groups or causes. For instance, we heard Planned Parenthood speaking at the march last week. We heard the homosexual community advocating their agenda. For me, what was missing were appeals for the unborn, requests to put prayer back on our schools, a push for restoring the work ethic and those types of things.

Of course we understand that causes divide us. Yet, may I point that it is the love of Christ that unites us. As to our causes, it is truth and not bickering that sets us free. Because people perish simply for lack of knowledge, I am commited to speaking out more truth in love.

Also, Martin Luther King, Jr., my Uncle M. L. took a lot of time praying, seeking the Lord, inquiring of the Lord. So as we continue to follow his pattern for the rest of this week, for the rest of this year, for the rest of our lives – if we can only begin to realize that we’re not separate races – we are one human race in need of the love of God – and believe that truth will set us free – together we can overcome in Christ.

Therefore, I can understand why my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “We must learn to live together as brothers [and I add sisters] or parish together as fools.”

And so, for those of us who believe the Bible, who trust God, who have been very sinful and are now repentant, we know that we need God. We know that we need to be forgiven and healed. We know that we cannot be intolerant of other. That we must seek transformation, not just tolerance, not compromise but transformation.

I’m mindful of that as I approach the Interfaith Service, the Bell Ringing Ceremony, I must not condemn any person or judge any person; rather I must share the good news with every person and demonstrate the love and liberty available at the cross for everyone from conception to natural death.

Let freedom ring!

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  1. J. Irwin Allen says:

    Ms. King,

    It is comforting that someone of such tremendous notoriety can put forth these heart felt truths absent of the “special” interest that so many cling to these days. This Blog of yours touches on the most basic sentiment carried first by your Uncle. A sentiment seemingly buried by a host of special interests groups grabbing for attention and the monies that accompany it.

    If only this Government of ours would get out of our way and stop encouraging the labeling of people into minority versus majority, White versus Black versus Asian versus Native American versus Pacific Islander versus Aleutian versus Hispanic…..you get the idea. I’m afraid we will not overcome these racial chasms until we eliminate the gathering of such mundane racial “meta data”. I would like to know when it became the Government’s job to collect such data??? I fear it’s like many of the Legislative agendas that once they are set into motion, it becomes its own monster, and the people are unable to put a stop to such nonsense.

    I’ve been out of a job since the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010 was signed into law. The Executives of the Health Insurance Company I worked for in California appropriately reduced their budgets across the board in preparation for the mass of unknown regulations yet to be written in association with this nightmarish law. Thousands were laid off by Blue Shield of California.

    I would love to associate myself with your effort to bring an end to the racial classifications that have come to artificially permeate most of the Human Beings in the United States of America. I’m surprised that our culture has been unable to keep Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message alive, and that our Country has failed to carry through on his message that it is content of character rather than color of skin that defines a person. Such a simple truth, it should have prevented further racial discourse in America. I hope it will change soon. I wish I knew how to have an impact and make an impression like your Uncle had made. Such a truly remarkable man. HE has had my respect ever since I was a very young boy.

    My best regards to you and your crusade to protect the unborn. They are the most innocent of God’s children and they need someone to speak out for them every day that abortion is promoted by the “special interests” aligned with Planned Parenthood.

    J. Irwin Allen
    Northern California
    Twitter: @JAhuman2

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