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Holiday Surprises – POTUS Promises, Peace for Jerusalem, An American Princess, Tax Cuts, and Moore…

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

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“When peripherals collide, convergence is imminent.” Evangelist Alveda King

It’s December 2017, and Christmas bells are ringing again in America as President Trump’s promise keeping roll is continuing. The POTUS “we will say Merry Christmas again” mantra is resonating. Meanwhile, President Trump’s support for Israel, undergirded by our “prayers for the peace of Jerusalem,” is encouraging evidence that God is blessing us. POTUS is expected to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol today.

“Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper.” Psalms 122:6 NLT

Of course, as is to be expected, “fake news” isn’t on holiday. This time media imps are trying to stir up a “feud” between newly engaged American actress Meghan Markle and her sister. Prince Harry has placed a “sparkle” on the “modern day Cinderella’s finger.” Up until now, Ms. Markle’s sister Samantha Grant has been sharing fond and sweet memories of Ms. Markle’s childhood. Now, those sweet dreams are becoming bitter, fanned by the ire seeking fake media. Ms. Markle’s ethnicity, evidence of the rising “One Blood/One Human Race sentiments sweeping the globe, adds spice to the conversation.

“No matter our skin color, we all bleed the same red blood…” President Donald John Trump

Let’s not miss out on the shameless fake news efforts to defame the much-needed tax cuts that are being ironed out in our Capitol. Families and businesses need a financial blessing this year!

As if all of this holiday intrigue wasn’t enough, the media sharks are still snapping at the heels of Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama. We can only imagine the magnitude of their frustration as the Judge keeps running ahead of the pack.

John 7:51 – “Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?

Finally, let’s consider that attempts at Agape Love can sometimes do more harm than good especially when cross-cultural situations without sufficient efforts to bring understanding of the local culture can cause resistance to change. At the end of the day, our goal should always be to Love, forgive and reconcile to our human brothers and sisters.

Enough for now. I’m off to Rome for work and maybe a little holiday cheer; with this song in my heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Evangelist Alveda King noted in Influential Christian Roster while urging Prolife Votes for Alabama

Monday, November 20th, 2017

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Atlanta, GA. “Being included in the ‘Newsmax 100 Most Influential Evangelicals In America’ roster brings a new level of accountability to my lifelong journey of service to God and humanity,” said Evangelist Alveda King, Founder of Alveda King Ministries and Director of Civil Rights for The Unborn for Priests for Life.

The announcement reached King while she was “praying over the situation regarding the looming Alabama Senate race.” As a longtime prayerful supporter of Judge Roy Moore, King says she is “concerned that voters will be distracted by the media fury involving unsubstantiated accusations.

“While we must be ever mindful of the need to protect our women and children, we must also remain focused on the issues at hand because every vote counts in the race for life. In Alabama, Judge Moore stands for the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb. His opposing candidate Doug Jones who is an abortion advocate does not. Remember, Life is a Civil Right. In this election, and indeed in every election, as the One Blood Human Race of Acts 17:26, we must always vote our values, with life from the womb to the tomb as a priority.

“Jesus said: “Ye who are without sin, cast the first stone.” It’s important to remember, especially during the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas season that Christ’s lasting mission is to heal rather than condemn humanity. A divine insight: “Mercy overcomes judgment.”

“We are currently in a climate of playing the “blame game” while accusations are running rampant. As a woman, I appreciate the opportunities now available to women and indeed all victims of abuse to come forward to receive healing. However, in the process we must leave the doors open for repentance rather than fostering destruction across the board.

“In the case of Judge Roy Moore what is lacking for many is the certain confirmation that the accusations are true. On the other hand, the sincere testimonies of those who have known and supported Judge Moore through the years, mine included, far outnumber the current charges against him.

“Meanwhile, we must remember that we should never rush to judgment before the genuine facts and not opinions and fake news are considered. True justice demands that any judgment must be withheld until the real truth is revealed.

“If we fail to pursue these truths, we run the risk of creating and fostering a climate of further injustices for our unborn children and ourselves as well as further establishing a precedent for increasing unjust condemnation in the future.”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Evangelist King, a niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., King is a former representative of the 28th District in the Georgia House, and a best-selling author, a minister, and frequent FOX News Channel and NEWSMAX contributor. In addition to these roles, she has served as an educator, entertainer, and legislator, and in her own words, she serves as a devoted “Guardian of The King Family Legacy.”

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Priests for Life’s Father Imbarrato celebrates pre-Election Day Masses at EWTN

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


October 26, 23016

Contact: Leslie Palma

NEW YORK – In these crucial last days leading up to Election Day on Nov. 8, EWTN has invited Priests for Life full-time Pastoral Associate Father Stephen Imbarrato to celebrate its televised morning Mass. The mass is broadcast worldwide on television, radio and internet (, in English and Spanish. In the United States alone, the television broadcast reaches some 95 million homes.

Father Imbarrato’s full schedule for these Masses is as follows:

Monday, October 24; Tuesday, October 25; Wednesday, October 26; Thursday, October 27; Monday, October 31; Thursday, November 3; Friday, November 4; Sunday, November 6; Monday, November 7; and Election Day, Tuesday, November 8.

Continue reading release HERE

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Lest We Forget Who Is Really in Charge…

Friday, November 7th, 2014

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Who gets the “credit” for the surprising neck in neck and even in some cases landslide victories in the elections for United States Congress this week? Who is “in charge” of America now? Well, while many may be seeking the credit for the strategizing, voter motivation, turn of events, etc. why don’t we give the real credit and the real glory to God who is in charge of current and eternal events? Lest we forget how bleak things were looking before the past election day, let us pause and give thanks to God for the victory!

“May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory and raise a victory banner in the name of our God. May the LORD answer all your prayers.” Exodus 15:2 (NLT)

Yes, there has been a “cataclysmic shift” in the political realm. Cataclysm generally means a sudden and violent upheaval or disaster that causes great changes in society. Well, the 2014 midterm elections fall into such a category. Where is the danger in the outcomes of yesterday’s election one might ask?

The danger is that we may forget how the victories were won. We may think that our political savvy did the job. We may be glorifying politics rather than the God of all creation. I have to admit that I was very tempted to gloat when I started reading all of the reports about the valiant pro-life candidates who were elected this cycle.

For a moment, my head swelled up at the exit poll results that prove that many people heard our pleas and voted “pro-life” this time around. I wanted to take a little credit for all the hard work and sacrifices that many of us have made to deliver the message of voting our values, voting for life, voting for marriage God’s way, voting for jobs and not handouts, voting for constitutional freedoms, and on and on. Yes, I wanted to feel that I had played at least a small part in making all of this happen. But thanks be to God that I came to my senses. To God be the glory, let no human being glory in HIS presence. Friends, I repent, and I ask God to let me never forget to whom the glory belongs.

Let us never forget: God’s mercy transcends the political realm. Let us not raise banners of victory in the name of a political party, but rather in the name of The Lord. For the battle is not ours, but is The Lord’s. This of course does not mean that we should not acknowledge the brilliant and often sacrificial work that went into bringing forth the efforts and energies required to help these victories to be made manifest.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Yes, key, first and foremost the winning elements have been and will remain faith, hope, love and righteous prayer. As we follow this path, we will discover that all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic status and other distinguishing characteristics, we will discover that it is truly stated that we are all created of one blood, being one human race, having similar needs and desires.

Jobs – Let the PEOPLE work!
Life – Let the PEOPLE live long and prosper!
Family – Let the PEOPLE [SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY] heal!
Education – Let the PEOPLE know.
Security – Let the PEOPLE pray.
THE WORD – “Let my PEOPLE go!”
WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!! Pray for Righteousness, Peace and Justice

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Fr. Pavone – This Election Was a Rejection of the Most Pro-Abortion President in History

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014


Date: November 5, 2014

Contact: Leslie Palma

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today described the Senate election results as a call for Congress to counter President Obama’s pro-abortion agenda.

“This election was a rejection of the most pro-abortion president in history,” said Fr. Pavone. “I am grateful to so many leaders and activists with whom we were proud to partner in order to register, educate, and mobilize voters to get to the polls. Now it’s time for the Senate to join the House not just in pushing back against Mr. Obama’s anti-life proposals, but also in moving forward on pro-life measures such as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

“The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would spare babies of 20 weeks or more who we know can feel pain from the agony of having their limbs torn from their bodies,” stated Fr. Pavone. “Polls show that overwhelming majorities of Americans support the measure, but the Senate Majority Leader hasn’t even allowed it to receive a committee vote. The outgoing Senate leadership doesn’t care what the American people want – that’s why they’re the outgoing Senate leadership.”

Fr. Pavone also congratulated all the pro-life candidates who were elected, and all those who worked so hard to elect them.

“Throughout this election cycle, as in every election cycle, we insist that the people of God need to elect public servants who know the difference between serving the public and killing the public. We thank all our fellow citizens who had heeded that message, and made possible so many victories last night. Now it’s time for the work to continue.”

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

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Fr. Pavone to US Senate Candidates: Do You Support Painful Dismemberment or Not?

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


November 3, 2014

Contact: Leslie Palma

Washington, DC – In a strongly worded statement on the day before the midterm elections, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, called today on candidates for the United States Senate to take a clear position on a piece of legislation that would protect children in the womb from five months and older from procedures that dismember and decapitate them.

The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, already enacted in various states, is based on the scientific evidence that by the time they reach 20 weeks of development in the womb, children can feel pain, and that therefore the state has an interest in protecting them from abortion procedures that tear off their arms and legs and crush their heads. The US House of Representatives passed this measure on the federal level. It was introduced in the US Senate, but the leadership did not bring it to a vote.

“If there had been a vote,” Fr. Frank said, “those already in the Senate and now asking for our votes would have gone on record regarding this legislation, which the majority of Americans support. By avoiding a vote, Senate leadership has given candidates cover from this uncomfortable question. But we should not. Every candidate for US Senate should be asked a simple question: Are you in favor of protecting children in the 5th month of development and beyond from painful dismemberment?

“Now there are those who will claim that the highest virtue in the political debate is civility and the best tactic is dialogue. But even if one takes that approach, one must admit that a civil dialogue begins with honesty stating your position on the issues. The problem with so many of these candidates is that they will not even take the first step toward civil dialogue. On the most important issue of life and death, they are mute.

“Some of the Senate candidates have indeed made it clear where they stand on the Pain-Capable bill. Others have run away from the issue. The failure to address such a basic question of life, death, and decency is already a failure of leadership. If a politician can’t respect the life of a little baby, how is he or she supposed to respect yours?”

Click here to see what US Senate Candidates have and have not said about the Pain-Capable Bill.

Click here to see the medical diagram (Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.) of the procedure from which this legislation would protect these children.

Click here for more information about these procedures.

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Really Senator Landrieu?

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Senator Mary LandrieuU.S. Senator Mary Landrieu paints a very sad and gloomy picture for southern Blacks, and indeed for all Americans. She is basically saying that the south isn’t friendly to African Americans. So she recently said in an interview: “I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.” Wow, there it is again; nothing about content of character. Just that skin color is the problem.

Sadly, Ms. Landrieu is out of touch with the needs of our nation, and of the 21st Century South. As co-founder of the campaign, I know firsthand that racism is still a problem in America. I was born in Georgia at a time when there were segregated hotels, restaurants, restrooms, and only God knows what else. Now I live in a Georgia where many people of all ethnicities, socio-economic levels, and religious beliefs voted for our first Black President. Many admit now that they voted for the president because of the color of his skin. Maybe some even believed that skin color would make a difference.

Yes, that was a first, but things didn’t get better as many hoped. So once again I’m appealing to people to seek answers for the racial divide and indeed all of our problems by looking at God’s Word and God’s Love in Black and White. There we will discover that no matter what our ethnicity is, we are bound by the human denominator of Acts 17:26. We are all one blood, and we share common needs.

Today, beyond divisive skin color arguments like those being spouted by Ms. Landrieu, southern Black people need the same opportunities that everyone needs; good jobs, safe borders, health care that won’t kill babies and women, good education, freedom of faith in the public square; those types of uplifting and empowering blessings. Ms. Landrieu’s platform and actually her party platform doesn’t offer this type of freedom; rather she is defining a divisive agenda that won’t help the south or the nation. We need to pray for her while we are voting for an end to the moral bankruptcy that she and her politics support.

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Fr. Pavone: Let the Pulpits Thunder!

Thursday, October 30th, 2014


Washington, DC: Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today and sent it to every parish in the nation:

“This weekend is the final push to turn out voters for Election Day. All of us at Priests for Life want to thank in advance the countless priests whom we know will let their pulpits thunder as they remind their people of what is at stake in this election and urge them to get to the polls. The best tool to use for preaching this weekend is the US Bishops’ document Living the Gospel of Life (1998). It makes very clear what so many people want to confuse or hide, namely, that the right to life is the foundational issue in any election.

“We urge every preacher this weekend to emphasize the following words that come from that document:

“Any politics of human life must work to resist the violence of war and the scandal of capital punishment. Any politics of human dignity must seriously address issues of racism, poverty, hunger, employment, education, housing, and health care. Therefore, Catholics should eagerly involve themselves as advocates for the weak and marginalized in all these areas. Catholic public officials are obliged to address each of these issues as they seek to build consistent policies which promote respect for the human person at all stages of life. But being ‘right’ in such matters can never excuse a wrong choice regarding direct attacks on innocent human life. Indeed, the failure to protect and defend life in its most vulnerable stages renders suspect any claims to the ‘rightness’ of positions in other matters affecting the poorest and least powerful of the human community. If we understand the human person as the “temple of the Holy Spirit” — the living house of God — then these latter issues fall logically into place as the crossbeams and walls of that house. All direct attacks on innocent human life, such as abortion and euthanasia, strike at the house’s foundation. These directly and immediately violate the human person’s most fundamental right the right to life. Neglect of these issues is the equivalent of building our house on sand” (LGL, n. 23).

“Moreover, Priests for Life urges Churches to remind their parishioners to get to the polls on Election Day, and to assist with transportation where necessary.

“Furthermore, it is important this weekend not to get bent out of shape if people show up in the parking lot to distribute voter education materials. First of all, Churches should be handing out non-partisan voter guides to their people inside the Church. Secondly, no Church is going to get into trouble with the IRS because an outside group organizes and pays for literature distribution on the cars in their parking lots, even if that literature is highly partisan. In fact, I will guarantee it. Pastors and Churches should be more concerned about the trouble they might get into for interfering with citizens’ rights to mobilize and educate voters than the trouble they may have been told they will get into for simply ignoring it.

“Again, we honor and thank the many priests who will step up to the plate this weekend and help citizens elect pro-life candidates.”

For more information, see

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Moral Bankruptcy Has No Bounds

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

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I recently read an article on One News Now which states that “President Barrack Obama and his administration are endorsing the use of cell lines extracted from aborted babies to develop Ebola vaccines, even though the government conceded that using moral alternatives – such as plant and animal cells – would be just as effective.”

I read this while I was on a tour where I had been broadcasting facts about the moral bankruptcy of our nation and the lack of moral leadership coming out of this administration. There were major highlights to the tour of course; one being

As the article states, there is an assault on life by backing and fast-tracking the use of aborted fetal cells instead of the more successful use of adult stem cell research or other forms of cell lines.

Ebola is deadly: I get that. But to do something immoral to achieve a moral good is not acceptable, especially if there are other moral alternatives.

In another article I read, it states: “The Ebola outbreak in West Africa risks unleashing an economic catastrophe that will leave a “lost generation” of young West Africans, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Sunday, urging stronger international action.”

“The worst epidemic on record of the deadly [Ebola] virus has now killed more than 4,500 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Eight people have also died in Nigeria and cases have been reported in the United States and Spain.”

“Johnson Sirleaf, a former senior World Bank executive, said Ebola was having a dire economic impact in the worst affected countries, with harvests missed, markets shut and borders closed. She said the outbreak had undone much of the recovery achieved in the wake of Liberia’s 1989-2003 civil war.”

As bad as Ebola is, and it’s really bad, US and global abortion has left a larger void. The Ebola crisis adds insult to injury as far as eugenics and genocide are concerned.

With over 3,000 babies being aborted each day in America alone and over 110,000 worldwide, what economic impact is the loss of these missing people having on our world? Add the Ebola victims to the numbers, and the count just keeps mounting.

Billions of dollars are being spent on abortion each year. Planned Parenthood alone receives over half a billing tax dollars from our government. And many at the UN want to spend much more to make abortion more accessible around the world.

How much lost revenue has there been because of the over 1.3 billion missing people. How many harvests have been missed? How many businesses were never begun? How many jobs were never created? How many products were never invented? How many vaccines were never developed?

In a world that devalues human life to the point that a human baby has less value and protection than an eagle egg, sea turtles, or ladybugs, it’s no surprise that killing unborn babies for the purpose of harvesting their stem cells is quite acceptable to many people.

In a world that accepts that it’s legal to kill one’s own child because of inconvenience or not fitting with one’s plans, how can we be surprised that there is so much crime, and so many killings in the world?

As Mother Teresa said, “If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, rather, to use violence to get what they want.”

If we want to change the course of American history from a culture of death to a culture of life, we must begin today. We must work to change people’s hearts. We must become moral people. And we must begin by electing moral people to office that are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Vote early, vote absentee, or vote on November 4th. Just make sure you exercise your right to VOTE. Vote as if your life, the lives of aborted babies, ISIS victims, Ebola victims, all victims are impacted by our votes; because it is true.

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Pray For The Ballot

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Vote: Pray For The Ballot in 2014 and 2015

141002 blog image9Not in recent history has an elections been as important as the upcoming mid-term elections on November 2, 2014. With the directions our country is heading, now is the time for Christians to step up to the voting booth and make their votes count so we can turn our directions around. All the recent events of today, terrorist beheadings, Ebola crisis, the economy, education and Common Core, unemployment, abortion, attacks on religious freedom, all, are a result of our turning away from our God and the culture of life and embracing a culture of death. Now, this election cycle, is the time for men and women of faith to vote their biblical values and help steer America back on a path to freedom: freedom from terror, freedom from disease, freedom from joblessness, freedom from abortion. The Church in America is instrumental in accomplishing this so we call on Pastors of every denomination to inspire their congregations to vote for biblical principles.

In 1957, my Uncle ML demanded “Give Us The Ballot.” Now in 2014-2015 I am urging us to “pray for the ballot and vote for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Our nation deserves no less.

From “Give Us the Ballot, We Will Transform the South [Nation]” by Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech given before the Lincoln Memorial at the March on Washington, May 17, 1957 [annotated where indicated]

“Give us the ballot and we will no longer have to worry the federal government about our basic rights. Give us the ballot and we will no longer plead to the federal government for passage of an anti-lynching law; we will by the power of our vote write the law on the statute books of the [southern] states and bring an end to the dastardly acts of the [hooded] perpetrators of violence. Give us the ballot and we will fill our legislative halls with men [and women] of good will, and send to the sacred halls of Congressmen who will not sign a [Southern] Manifesto, because of their devotion to the manifesto of justice.”

Click HERE to hear a message from me.

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