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Abolishing Idols And Cash Cows

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

2 Corinthians 6:16 (NIV) What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

– to end the observance or effects of, annul, destroy – as in we need to abolish abortion. Period!
Abolitionist – one who abolishes – as in pro-life and anti-slavery advocates are abolitionists!
Cash cow – a consistently profitable business, property, or product whose profits are used to finance a company’s investments in other areas. One regarded or exploited as reliable source of money – as in a term commonly or loosely used in context to personalities such as celebrities, athletes, actors and actresses, entertainers, mega preachers and community activists.
Sacred cow – one that is often unreasonably immune from criticism or opposition – as in one’s political party of choice, one’s political candidate of choice, one’s religious denomination, abortion, Planned Parenthood, etc.
Idol – a representation or symbol of an object of worship; broadly : a false god – as in one’s money, one’s house, one’s political party, etc.
Idolater – a person who admires intensely and often blindly one that is not usually a subject of worship – as in one who worships an inanimate object or is obsessed with a person or something.

This blog is in reference to a comment left by Jonathan O’Toole regarding yesterday’s blog. (Comment can be viewed by scrolling to the third comment of the link above.)

Do you know why the pro-aborts have succeeded so far? They don’t fight among each other, demoralizing those within their ranks. We in the pro-life movement, on the other hand, spend an inordinate amount of time correcting each other, instead of praying for each other, respecting our various gifting and callings, etc. I am personally guilty of some of this, and am constantly asking God to help me, because our false pride has been part of our hinderance.

First let me clear up a comment posted on Facebook. The blogger writes that, “Whomever is speaking for Alveda, whom I revere, apparently is unaware that Oprah is pro-abortion.” And Jonathan says, “I noticed that (previous blogger’s name omitted), but look at Alveda’s blog at where she acts like she’s responding to what I said & those words about Oprah are presented as hers.”

Friends, this is Alveda speaking right here, not a Ghost Writer! I pray for Oprah, and yes, I do know her stand on abortion versus life. I used to be pro-abortion and someone prayed for me. God loved me way back then, just as much as he loved everyone in the pro-life movement. God’s love never fails! This is why I rejoice in seeing the light as it were, and becoming pro-life!

I am extremely busy and I do have an assistant who helps me out a lot. We work together to reply to comments and to post my blogs. The reference to Oprah was in no way an endorsement of her views on abortion or any other issue but rather was in reference of how she, as does Sally Struthers, also mentioned, use their name recognition to further what they are passionate about.

Jonathan also wondered if I would delete his comment on my blog. I would not censor anyone for stating his or her view. In fact, I welcome opposing comments as they help bring conversation to a subject that many would rather avoid.

Jonathan also points out, and this point we can agree on, that the ban on partial birth may in fact be a cash cow of sorts for some in the pro-life movement but not for all. We at Priests for life, also in the Black Prolife Movement, and I in particular, are not working for regulation of abortion, but for the decimation of abortion. Nothing else will suffice.

Does that mean that we will not applaud any small steps towards that end? Of course not! If a law is passed to restrict abortion to anyone under the age of 18, we will applaud the progress and continue to fight until abortion is abolished completely. Mr. O’Toole says that, “these parceled-out pieces….are designed to salve the consciences of people who are in denial of what would be required to be done to really abolish abortion.” Tell that to the baby of the 16 year old who has life because of the new law. I do not pretend to know the intentions of those making these laws but I am not in denial of what it will take to abolish abortion. It is because I understand it too clearly that I welcome any and all advances towards that end. I really do appreciate those whom God has designed to shine the light on the nefariously clever tactics of the enemy who influences people to play political games with incremental tactics. This is indeed going on, but these tactics cannot be allowed to paralyze the pro-life community!

Merriam-Webster defines “progress” as: a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal) : ADVANCE. As Fr. Frank rightly said in his radio spot I posted, “partial birth abortion … blurred the line between abortion and infanticide.” Without this important advance towards the abolishment of abortion, a large shift could have been generated in the other direction towards the killing of more babies, not only unborn babies but also born babies that are no longer wanted.

Incremental now becomes…? The next incremental step or progress may be the catalyst to ending abortion. We’re not after mere progress; we’re after abolition, abolishing abortion now!

Jonathan also called me a front for the enemy so to speak, and I do take affront to that! Here’s Jonathan’s quote: “the Republicans and the status-quo maintaining pro-life organizations that you front for REPACKAGE opposition to abortion AD INFINITUM ET AD NAUSEUM to conjure political momentum in every cycle.” (emphasis added). Jonathan, I (Alveda) am not a front for anyone and as I have said before, “I work for God and he is neither Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party Member nor a member of any other party! If an injustice is perpetuated on a continuous basis and people are more apt to pay attention to politicians running for office, it only makes sense to speak about that injustice when people are paying attention. The issue is not being repackaged by Alveda as Mr. O’Toole contends. The real pro-life movement, not the political counterfeit, is actually trying to attack the issue from every angle. Kinda like the several branches of the military, some on the ground, some in the air, some in the water, some on the computers, etc.

There are even some in the Black community who have referred to me as a token “Negro” for the pro-life movement. Now Jonathan seems to think of me as “the cash cow that somebody [maybe the fake pro-life movement] has created out of Alveda & the King family name.” I am nobody’s “Negro for sale” and nobody’s “cash cow.” I am just fighting for what I believe and I believe everyone, including the Black Community, the Black Church, and the Black Leaders are pivotal in the next step towards the ending of abortion. In fact, I thank God for those warriors in the Real Prolife Movement, who recognize the strength of all the warriors from every walk of life, every ethnic group, each and all of us embracing each other and respecting each other as we fight together.

Jonathan speaks of “organiz[ing] an interposition movement.” Yet another “movement” within “The Movement.” Our “movement” is actually a “Spiritual Brigade” formed of many smaller “movements,” all part of “God’s Army.” We all need to work together because it is going to take all of us to combat the big money of the pro-abortion machine. This is why I and many of my prolife friends appear in so many books and documentaries together to advance the message that abortion must be abolished. We do not support the concept that raising money to fight abortion without having a near end to abortion in sight is ethical. In fact, we are appealing to people to stop thinking of fighting abortion as a lifelong vocation. Rather, being prolife is a lifelong vocation; this includes ending abortion now and teaching people in the aftermath how to support life on every level, life, marriage, family and community. In other words, the battle to end abortion in America has gone on too long. It is time to end abortion now!

What would really put sacred idols on God’s alter is the defunding planned parenthood who practices eugenics and genocide right now in the 21st Century, and bringing the personhood issue to the forefront. That is our Dred Scott issue of today, recognizing all human beings, including womb babies as persons.

Friends, in order to accomplish the end to abortion in our lifetime, we must love and respect each other, and stop attacking each other!

“As it is, there are many parts, but one body. The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor. And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, while our presentable parts need no special treatment. But God has put the body together, giving greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” 1 Corinthians 12:20-26 (NIV)

We are the body of Christ fighting for the souls, breath, and bodies of His innocent unborn. Let’s not be “Devil’s fodder” turning on each other. Victory is in sight. Let’s thank God for unearthing more of the plot and let’s warn Congress we won’t settle for cash cows or sacred cows or make issues like partial birth abortion idols. We want an end to legalized abortion in our lifetime!

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MOOOOO… For Jesus

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Today on Facebook an individual left a comment on my status referring to me as a cash cow that the pro-life movement was using because of my name to push their agenda. As he sarcastically says, “I take it back: the pro-life fundraisers are not milking Ms. King’s family name like a cow’s *—-* to fund & buttress their perpetual advocacy interests as I implied.” I do have a recognizable name, and it is the name of a great man, my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and my work with the pro-life movement does benefit them. But does that necessarily mean that I am being milked like a cash cow? I think not. The pro-life movement is my passion and my calling from God to fight for the most vulnerable among us, those who don’t have a voice of their own. Those who would not be heard if not for the many advocating for their rights, some with name recognition, some without; yet all voices are equally important in their own way.

Does my name take away from the validity of the work I do? Does the fact that I have chosen to work as Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life and the Pro-Life movement make the cause any less important or honorable? Are the San Francisco Giants any less a team because they signed Tim Lincecum as their pitcher, or the Seattle Mariners for signing Felix Hernandez, or Philadelphia Phillies for signing Ray Halladay? Are these three pitchers being milked like cash cows or are they playing baseball because they love the game? Sure the team benefits because of their talents and the relationship is mutually beneficial but to refer to it as a milking of their talent would grossly miss-state the situation as does referring to my pro-life work as me being milked to benefit the agenda of pro-life fundraisers.

I am an independent woman guided only by the Divine Will of my Lord and Saviour. Nobody is making me do anything that I don’t want to do. If God calls me to a vocation in the pro-life movement and I choose to obey Him, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am also the niece of a great Civil Rights Leader. But, if that makes people pay more attention and it helps bring awareness to the evils of abortion, then I’m all for letting people know who I am related to.

Some people are blessed by God with the opportunity to fight for a cause that they are passionate about, like I am about the pro-life movement. Others, like Oprah, are fighting for education or still others, like Sally Struthers, for starving children. God has allowed us to use our name recognition to help bring awareness and an end to this or that evil. I’m humbled that the Lord is using me to fight the greatest evil of our times, ABORTION!

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

“Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens. The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.”” Hebrews 12:26-29 (NIV)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and supporters! It is your support, prayers and the love of God which keeps me uplifted. I am thankful today for the many blessings God has bestowed upon me and for allowing me to serve Him in the very important work of the Pro-Life movement. With our continued prayers for the end abortion, may He bind Satan and bring protection for all our unborn brothers and sisters.

There’s been another busy month since our last e-blast. The month began with a great victory in the elections with more Pro-Life candidates being elected to office in local and national races than ever before thanks to the many prayers of Pro-Life activists and the efforts of great Pro-Life groups like Priests for Life, The Susan B. Anthony List, The Frederick Douglass Foundation, and many others.

Then came the news that I had been selected to be one of the six recipients of the Life Prizes given by the Gerard Health Foundation. What a great honor to be chosen for such a prestigious award!

With helped of some really good friends we also helped to supply food and supplies and will help cook and serve about 150 families in Atlanta hosted by a Youth group. I also went there to talk to them and spoke on the importance of service to their community and the importance of family.

Trips this month:

Merrillville, IN for the Illiana Right to Life Banquet, Nov. 12th followed by a Pastor’s breakfast the following morning.

Minneapolis, MN, first to speak to the students at University of Minnesota on Nov. 17th followed by attendance of the University LifeCare Center 35th Anniversary Gala on Nov. 18th

Television appearances:

Watch out for the Christmas Special with Glenn Beck which we taped this month. Look for the airing date on Facebook and Twitter.

Another interviewed to watch for is The Raven Magwood Show. Airtime in the Atlanta metropolitan area is on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 5:00PM via WATC TV-57. For everyone else in the country (even internationally), they can watch as it streams live via on December 5th at 5:00PM EST.

Radio interview:

Interview with Paul Sadek of Relevant Radio RE: Minneapolis Univ. Banquet Nov. 5th

Live interview with Word of Truth Nov. 17th


Attended the Georgia Right to Life monthly meeting Nov. 3rd.

Conference calls:

Conference call with Black Pro-Life Leaders Nov. 15th.

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To Birth Or Not To Birth, That Is The Question

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Whether it is nobler to decide on your own or put the decision up for a vote is a question that the internet world is all abuzz about. Pete and Alisha Arnold, the Apple Valley couple, have chosen to put their decision, to give birth to their 18 week old baby (fetus) or to abort him, up for a vote. They began a website,, to allow everyone, or should I say anyone, to cast their vote in favor of birth or abortion. The couple said that they will abide by the will of the people. Does that make them more honorable than the Congress or not because of the subject matter? I’ll let you be the judge.

Many have speculated on the validity of the claim the Arnolds have made of being undecided. Many have called this a hoax, pro-life and pro-choice advocates alike. The consensus is that the couple is pro-life and is using this as a means of spreading the message of life. If so, some have questioned the vehicle by which they have used. No matter what your thoughts are on the matter, or whatever their real position on the subject is, their campaign has been effective in bringing the abortion topic up for discussion. There have been numerous articles written on their story and many more will continue to be written in an attempt to decipher the truth.

I have checked their website several times in an effort to learn more about the couple and see how the people are voting. When the article first began to come out, the vote was about 80% for birth and 20% for abortion. Then today I checked and along with the vote count swinging heavily in favor of abortions is a blog they posted questioning the use of a computer auto-vote program. Now the tally is roughly 29% for birth and 71% for abortion.

The blog states, “We have gone from 250k votes to over one million in two days. While this could indeed be possible, the shift of the votes so hard in any direction has one question, as I did, the intent of the votes.

They are going even faster now, and believe me when I say, it is easy to see what is fraud and what is not.

If you think by having a computer auto-vote for us, that it is going to discount the votes of the hundreds of thousands of legitimate votes from real people who actually care in helping us make a decision: You are wrong. Rest assured, whatever your opinion on this topic, and whatever you have voted one way or another, your vote is being herd.

Please do not feel like you have to join in an attempt to use a computer program to sway it whichever way you think it should go. In the end, the hard data will tell all.

Until then, simply vote as you feel, and we will continue to keep you in the loop. As we have said, your votes will not go unheard here. We just will no longer be able to depend on the numbers until the close of the poll. The truth will always prevail, and we will make all the data from the voting public.”

The blogger’s message is clear. They suspect, as do I, that some pro-abortion individual or group is trying to taint the vote by using a computer generated program to cast votes in favor of abortion. Are they getting so desperate that they will resort to such tactics in order to force a couple to abort their child, provided that they were sincere in following the vote of the people? I guess the key word here is “people,” not the vote of the computer. I suspect that the Arnolds will discount the votes they feel were cast by a computer and will ultimately decide to give birth and life to their baby.

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Critical Role Of Mothers In Society: Statement at the United Nations International Women’s Day

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I am very grateful and humbled to be able to take part in this forum today.

No matter what great accomplishments women achieve, there simply is no more important role for us than motherhood—loving, nurturing, and raising the next generation. To ensure a brighter tomorrow, we must affirm and support motherhood in whatever policies or programs we devise.

Simply stated, mothers shape the future.

As such, we should at the very least ensure that women who are mothers are not harmed or denigrated by any policies or programs. This means we should begin by recognizing that women become mothers the moment they are pregnant. The baby in the womb is a dependent, but fully human individual who is nourished and safeguarded by his or her mother. Any program that seeks to assist mothers should begin when motherhood begins, at pregnancy. A woman’s access to proper food, clean water, and prenatal care should be a basic first step, especially in countries where such fundamental resources are not readily available.

Ensuring that mothers are not harmed or denigrated by policies or programs brings me to my second point. This point comes from my own experience and the experiences of more women than I can count. Reproductive health should be viewed as pro-creative health. Pregnancy is a unique life-giving capability of women that should be affirmed by governments and not treated as a disease to be eliminated. Reproductive health needs to respect life and motherhood needs to be valued and mothers helped to fulfill their critical roles.

Societies depend on mothers to provide countries with their most treasured resource—children. An anti-motherhood philosophy yields a deadly and poisonous fruit that presents governments with pressing challenges concerning economic growth, labor markets , care for the elderly, and so much more. According to the most recent US Census Bureau report “An Aging World: 2008” the number of people 65 and older is exploding around the world will outnumber children under 5 for the first time ever within the next decade.

I ask—How is it that disrespect for motherhood and birth has reached such a level that in the near future young children will be among the missing in society and in many countries already are? As the mother of nine children, six living, one miscarried, and two aborted, I know the joy and hope children bring to an individual family. I personally know the emptiness their absence creates. On the global scale, the absence of children has devastating consequences.

Let us vow to take a procreative approach to pregnancy and childbirth and provide mothers with the life-affirming health care they need. Let us work to ensure that both the woman and her precious daughter or son survives pregnancy and childbirth.

As we celebrate mothers today, let us redouble our efforts to honor motherhood. No matter how much women accomplish in life, what great goals we achieve, we must first and foremost remember that the future is in our hands. Let us treat our future with reverence and respect.

See Photos

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The Pro-Life Movement Is On The Right Track

Friday, November 19th, 2010

With the 2010 elections behind us and the Pro-Life Movement having such a great success in the number of Pro-Life candidates who were elected into office in local and national races, it’s time to take a short relaxing break, okay that’s it, and get back to work for the 2012 agenda. A couple of years ago the Holy Spirit put it on my heart that I should stay away from politics in the public arena as my calling is Pro-Life work, especially fighting to end abortion and helping those who have been harmed by abortion to find healing and forgiveness. As such, I focus on, not endorsing any political party or candidate, but rather, on praying for good and righteous men and women to run for office who are willing to stand up for the unborn and against abortion, the greatest evil of our times.

According to a Los Angeles Times article, “more than 100 wealthy Democrats gathered . . . for a closed meeting in which participants repeatedly called for Obama [to] be more aggressive in his agenda and tactical combat with the Republican right.” Attending the meeting this week, among others, was George Soros. Although a plan is not in place yet, “one idea floated during the meeting calls for raising at least $50 million through several organizations, with a focus on reenergizing and mobilizing Obama’s base, according to participants in the talks, who hope to have a strategy in place by January.” Money like that shouldn’t be hard to raise with the support and backing of people such as Soros. The article goes on to say that another meeting is being held on Monday that will include the attendance of “…Ellen Malcolm, the founder of Emily’s List, which backs candidates who support abortion rights…”

In a separate article by the Red White Blue News, they state that , “[t]he Center [The Center for American Progress which is funded by George Soros] now is providing a blueprint of ways Barack Obama can do an end run around the people’s will by resorting to methods that will strike many of us as being improper-to say the least. Relying on executive orders, interpretation of regulations, rule -making and the like they are collectively a recipe for even more power being assumed by President Obama.” Basically, nullifying the message the people sent Washington and particularly, the Obama administrations during these most recent elections. It looks as though they didn’t get the message.

According to a Tell-All-Gram sent out by American Life League, they state that “The Obama administration has awarded Planned Parenthood another $20 million Bucks!” That’s $20 million of our tax dollars. The only aborting we need in America is to abort tax–payer funding of Planned Parenthood.

So why am I talking politics? Well, I’m not really talking politics as much as I am talking about the people in charge of our country and the laws they may or may not enact. I don’t care what party or person is in charge as long as they are fighting for the unborn. It’s obvious that President Obama is for abortion on demand, supports Planned Parenthood and is backed by them. The people attending the meetings want to keep him in office. I have a problem with that and will do what I can to have someone who is pro-life sitting in that office, be they Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever party. We need to heal our land and bring an end to abortion.

All Glory and Praise be to God, our Creator and author of life.

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America Needs Families And Marriage

Friday, November 19th, 2010

As a Pro-Life Pro-Family mother and grandmother, I was disturbed by a Pew Poll that more and more people are viewing marriage as obsolete. This is disturbing because marriage and the family unit is the foundation of our, and any, society. With the breakdown of the family, so goes the breakdown of the society. I know I’m just stating the obvious but just look at our society. Every day it seems that I receive information about another article, video, TV show, movie, or song that makes me think to myself our society is in real trouble. On the spiritual side, I think to myself, the devil must really be scared because he’s working overtime trying to destroy souls. The list of atrocities in our society like abortion, divorce, promiscuity, unwed moms, pornography, homelessness, incarceration rate and recidivism, … are clear signs of a troubled society.

An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) quotes some pretty bothersome poll results. According to the AJC, “… about 39 percent of Americans said marriage was becoming obsolete. And that sentiment follows U.S. census data released in September that showed marriages hit an all-time low of 52 percent for adults 18 and over. In 1978, just 28 percent believed marriage was becoming obsolete.” Additionally, they say that, “About 29 percent of children under 18 now live with a parent or parents who are unwed or no longer married, a fivefold increase from 1960, according to the Pew report being released Thursday. Broken down further, about 15 percent have parents who are divorced or separated and 14 percent who were never married. Within those two groups, a sizable chunk — 6 percent — have parents who are live-in couples who opted to raise kids together without getting married.” And what makes it worse is that instead of our society trying to correct the problem, we seem to be content with accepting the shifting trend in families and instead opt to change the definition of family to suit the trend. I, for one, will not accept the trend but will fight to keep the family as a married man and woman and their children if they are blessed by God with any.

Since I’m a Pro-Life activist, you might be asking yourself, “what does this have to do with saving babies?” The answer is simple. With this changing trend in families is also a changing trend in views on sexuality and procreative reproductive health. With these changing views, our society is becoming more and more comfortable and accepting of casual sexual encounters, use of contraception, and avoidance of responsibility. And when women become pregnant they abort/kill their baby out of relational, career, financial, and/or personal convenience. I have spoken about the selfishness of our ME, ME, ME culture. We must change our attitude from caring so much about ourselves that we are willing to kill another human being because we see it as an intrusion on our lives instead of a precious gift of love from God, which is what they are. The fact that the “Census Bureau, too, is planning to incorporate broader definitions of family when measuring poverty, a shift caused partly by recent jumps in unmarried couples living together” is not going to help correct the problem but is just contributing to the decline of America.

“May God forgive us our sins and heal our land.”

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African American Outreach Prayer

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

ABBA Father, dear Creator God,
In your Word you command us to pray
For all who serve you in public office,
That we may lead peaceful lives.
We intercede for those in the offices of
President of the United States,
In the Congressional Black Caucus,
And in federal, state, county and local offices.
We ask for a new outpouring of your Spirit,
The Spirit of truth and life,
The Spirit of repentance and conversion,
The Spirit of courage and grace;
Let peace and love abound,
For ourselves and for those holding political offices.
May we be instruments of Your Holy Spirit
And witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In which alone we find hope for our nation and the world.
We ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

-Written by Father Frank Pavone and Dr. Alveda King

See other Pro-Life Prayers.

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From Conception To Natural Death: Pro-Life Means Pro-Family

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Recently we have been getting a lot of questions on why the pro-life movement only cares about stopping abortions. We are accused of saying, “Don’t kill your baby” and then disappearing from the lives of the mothers. Actually, the reverse is true. It begins with saying, “Jesus loves you and your baby. Let us help you.” And we can help!

Really being pro-life means caring and supporting the mother from conception to natural death. For example, the Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition was formed for this very purpose from the beginning. The organization was founded in 1985, to save the lives of unborn babies and the family. Founded by Rev. Micah Crawford Sr., the organization is now run by his son Dr. Micah Crawford Jr. They have been, not only saving babies, but helping the family for over 25 years.

In January of this year Priests for Life collaborated with Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (RACH) on a project entitled “Stable, Strong & Happy Families.” Although ending abortion was one of the topics discussed, it was among many other topics about family values, building strong marriages, women empowerment and a host of other life affirming topics. Priests for Life not only wants to save the babies but also wants to help the mothers as is evident by their resource page on their website. Resources that cover every aspect from resources for being able to raise a healthy baby like parenting classes, medical, financial and personal assistance to adoption resources, if the mother decides to make an adoption plan.

There are so many Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) all over the United States that are ready, able, and willing to talk to you and present you with options besides abortion. Unlike Planned Parenthood, which profits greatly from their abortion services, CPCs do not profit if you choose life for your baby. Their reward is in Heaven and, of course, the joy of seeing the picture of your newborn baby.

Choosing life for your baby does not mean that you will be left alone. Being pro-life means we care about all human life. In fact, even if you’ve had an abortion and need help, we can help. There is help through groups like Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

So the next time someone says that pro-lifers don’t care about you once they have your baby, ask them, “Why are you lying to me?” then tell them, “Alveda said that they do care and will help me, not just my baby.” This next part is optional, but then you can say to him/her, “I’ll say a prayer for you” – but really mean it.

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Life Prizes Winners Announced And Two Priests for Life Affiliates Are Among The Winners

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The winners of the Life Prizes Awards were announced today and I and Marie Smith, Director of Parliamentary Network of Critical Issues, PNCI, a non-partisan global outreach of Gospel of Life Ministries are among the winners.

The Life Prizes Awards are granted by the Gerard Health Foundation to six individuals or organizations that have achieved significant progress in promoting the sanctity of human life and are working to protect or preserve it.

This Life Prize Award comes as a very welcome surprise. The nature of the award, bearing fruit to further an understanding of the moral principles and values that guide humanity towards an awareness of the preciousness of life, compels this recipient to use the award as a seed, to be planted in vineyards of positive film production, life affirming music, pregnancy care work, awareness campaigns, teens and young people with life affirming messages, and the like. Oh how this award is a dream come true. The desire to plant seeds for life, to be a light, a lamp for life in a dry and barren land, all of this comes true with this Life Prize Award. As Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life, as the Founder of the Faith Based King for America whose mission is to enhance the lives of people spiritually, socially, economically, intellectually and holistically, as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a mother and grandmother, I extend deepest appreciation to Mr. Ruddy, to the Gerard Health Foundation, to my peers in the battle for life, to all of the warriors for life everywhere, and most of all to my Heavenly Father, my Master Jesus Christ and to the Precious Holy Spirit of the Living God, Abba Creator. God bless each and everyone.

I would also like to extend congratulations to the others winners: Kristan Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life of America; Jeanne Head, the United Nations Representative for the National Right to Life Educational Trust; the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, and Douglas Smith, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee.

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