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Check out Dr. Judith Reisman!

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Another chance to connect the dots… Guess who’s behind this latest puzzle? You guessed it! Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. We’ve been asking: Why so many abortions? Why so much sex outside of marriage? Why so much pornography? Sexual assaults on our children? Why are so many condoms passed out to middle school and elementary school students? Here’s more evidence that the Culture War, the battle for the Sanctity of Life… are connected. Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a comrade of Margaret Sanger institutionalized child pron and molestation, was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Pro-abortion henchmen! Dr. Judith exposes all of this. Judith worked for Captain Kangaroo. She also won the battle to get pornography off the front shelves of 7/11 stores in the 1980’s. Most of the Mom and Pop stores dropped the books after than. She exposed their child pornography rings too. A lot of this has tried to creep back in lately. WE have to connect the dots, again, and again! Are we age dating ourselves here. ?Tha’s okay… Here’s a web page FYI…

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Congressman Trent Franks is a brave man. He deserves our support!

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Once again, the Black Genocide message is under attack. When Congressman Trent Franks introduced a bill saying that racially motivated abortions are not just, he is now accused of lying. He isn’t lying. It is wrong for his opponents to try and skew the truth that Blacks have more abortion, and to attack Congressman Franks for shedding more light on this fact. To attempt to deflect the message by accusing Congressman Franks statistics won’t work.
It is disrespectul and outrageous to try and get Congressman Franks off track with such a blatant deflection attack. Abortion kills more Black babies in America than other ethnic groups. Period. We are targeted and that is an outrage!
In DC, about 50% of Black babies are aborted. Congressman Franks gave that speech in DC.
Please respond to the story and also contact Congressman Franks and give him your prayers and support.

Daily Kos (blog)

Trent Franks’ other BIG LIE: 50% of black babies aborted
by BruinKid

Fri Feb 26, 2010 at 03:03:58 PM PST
So lost in the hullabaloo over Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) implying that blacks were better off as slaves, was this big lie that’s been repeated in various forms by quite a few pro-lifers.
Rep. Trent Franks: (R-AZ) In this country, we had slavery for God knows how long. And now we look back on it and we say “How brave were they? What was the matter with them? You know, I can’t believe, you know, four million slaves. This is incredible.” And we’re right, we’re right. We should look back on that with criticism. It is a crushing mark on America’s soul. And yet today, half of all black children are aborted. Half of all black children are aborted. Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery. And I think, What does it take to get us to wake up?
I explained in Muzikal203’s diary how that was a lie, but I fear it got lost among all the other comments. So below the fold is an explanation of how exactly the lie got started.
• BruinKid’s diary :: ::
See, the “half of all black babies are aborted” line immediately stood out for me, because I’ve written about this very lie before. Lila Rose (better known for her “sting” operations on Planned Parenthood with none other than James O’Keefe) used this lie in her pro-life magazine, ironically called The Advocate. The statistic is pure bullshit. I found where that made-up statistic came from: a blatant misreading of the original 2004 CDC report (scroll down to the “Results” section).
In the 38 reporting areas for which race was provided, classified according to the same categories used in previous years, approximately 53% of women who obtained legal induced abortions were white; 35%, black; and 8%, other; race was not known for 4% (Table 9). The abortion ratio for black women (472 per 1,000 live births) was 2.9 times the ratio for white women (161 per 1,000), and the ratio for women of the nonhomogeneous “other” race category (330 per 1,000) was 2.0 times the ratio for white women.
That’s what the person saw. The numbers 472 and 1,000, and so it must mean 47.2%, which is “almost half”! Except… it’s a RATIO, not a percentage. Those “1,000 live births” are just that; babies that are actually born, i.e., not aborted. If you want the percentage, it’s 472 / (472 + 1000) = 32%. (FYI, the percentage for whites is 13.9%.) Now, I don’t want to get into a debate on whether 32% is too high of a number. But we simply don’t refer to a percentage that less than one-third as being “almost half”! Well, unless you’re a pro-lifer, I guess.
Hope this clarifies. Any time one of these Republican pro-lifers tries to throw the bullshit “50%” statistic out there, someone NEEDS to call them out on that, and explain that that figure is an outright LIE.
(However, if they say one-third of all black babies are aborted, then you’re pretty much stuck.)

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Check Out These Interesting Blogs!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

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40 Days for Life/ genocide now/what people are saying about

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

On the road to end abortion. Here’s a visit with 40 Days for Life in Florida. Also, please check out the other posts as well…

Jannique Stewart getting the film Maafa 21 into churches

Young African American woman reacts to the film: Maafa21 on YouTube

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Billboards of Black Baby Are Spreading Hard Truth: Nothing Good Comes from Abortion – Dr. Alveda King

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Atlanta, GA – Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate and Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life, said today that the “Black babies are an endangered species” billboard campaign by is causing controversy because it points out hard truth.

“Abortion on demand has always been sold – and ‘sold’ is the word – as an answer to a whole host of problems, but instead of eliminating economic hardship, familial stress, or societal ills, it has only eliminated people, a disproportionate number of whom were African Americans,” said Dr. King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Like the stunning video Maafa, the ‘black babies are an endangered species’ billboards bring home the message that abortion is predicated on lies. It’s time that those lies were exposed.”

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Young girl arrested for doodeling

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

This young girl was arrested and handcuffed for drawing on a desk. Surely it is wrong to deface property, but really…
Arrest her for a sketch, and yet doctors butcher babies and thier mothers in abortion clinics with no penalty? Oh my goodness…

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Please write to the editor in Chicago!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The following is a posting to the editor of the Chicago Sun Times in response to a column which is also below. Please write some letters to editors across America in support of the Operation Outrage Campaign!

February 16, 2010

Dear Editor:

I must disagree with Mary Mitchell’s column, “Black women don’t need guilt trip from abortion billboard.”

First of all, the Atlanta billboards that say, “Black children are an endangered species,” are not about guilt, they’re about education. Until now, one of the unspoken facts about the abortion industry has been its targeting of minorities. Surely, Ms. Mitchell is aware that Planned Parenthood continues to place its new, large abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. Has she not heard the tapes of Planned Parenthood employees in seven states who were only too happy to accept money from donors who said they wanted their money to be used exclusively for decreasing the black population?

Further, Ms. Mitchell mischaracterizes the billboard campaign as being aimed exclusively at women. There is nothing on the billboards or at the website that even implies this. The purpose clearly is to bring awareness to men and women as to what is happening to the African American community. Because of abortion on demand, one-quarter of the black population is now missing. This is not a small matter.

Finally, contrary to what Ms. Mitchell writes, abortion is not so complicated that only God can sort it out. She herself appears to concede that an unborn child is a human being. Do we need any more information to know that abortion is wrong? African Americans were once considered less than fully human under American law, now our babies – and everyone else’s – are treated the same way. We sorted out slavery; we can sort out abortion.

Dr. Alveda King

Black women don’t need guilt trip from abortion billboard
Shame of abortions is burden of entire black community

February 16, 2010

BY MARY MITCHELL Sun-Times Columnist
There are certain things that only God can sort out. Abortion is one of them.

Although most of us, whatever our religious beliefs, respect a woman’s right to choose, there are others who believe abortion is the taking of human life.

I know better than to tell another woman what to do should she suffer an unwanted pregnancy.

Life can take such twists and turns that during rough periods it takes all of your strength just to keep you going.

And let’s face it: Some of us are so self-centered we can’t handle the detour of an unplanned pregnancy.

Still, I wouldn’t want to point any woman toward an abortion clinic. For some women — in the quiet moments of their regrets — they will hear the cry of that unborn child.

Nor would I want to urge another woman to bring into the world a child that she believes she is unable to take care of.

Thirty-seven years after Roe vs. Wade, the weight of exercising the right to end an unwanted pregnancy is still a personal burden each woman carries alone.

That is why I find the billboard campaign that targets black women with a frightening anti-abortion message disturbing.

The ad, which has gone up across Atlanta, features a beautiful black baby and the words: Black Children Are An Endangered Species.

Honestly, black women can’t catch a break.

Black children are gunned down disproportionately in the streets, and now anti-abortion advocates are suggesting that black women are committing genocide.

These are the facts:

Thirty-seven percent of abortions occur to black women, 34 percent to non-Hispanic white women and 22 percent to Hispanic women, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Nationally, black women were three times more likely to get an abortion than white women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Women who are most likely to have an abortion are black women ages 18-24 who are either separated or unmarried and have annual incomes of less than $15,000 or have Medicaid.

Women who have never married obtain two-thirds of all abortions, and 60 percent of women who have abortions have at least one child.

Given the single, never-been-married status of so many black women, is it really “shocking” that black women are three times more likely to get an abortion than white women?

I’m not shocked. I’m saddened.

While I applaud the black ministers who are leading the charge to educate black women about the alarming abortion rate, these men are failing to address the root of this problem.

How often are men urged, from the pulpit, to practice safe and responsible sex?

Where are the billboards that urge black men to marry their baby’s mamas so these women see their children as blessings and not mistakes?

The shame of these abortions is the shame of an entire community — not of black women.

Unfortunately, through our laws and policies, we have convinced these young women that an unborn child is not a human being.

And we have persuaded them that there is little difference between the morning after and a few weeks down the road.

But while a much quieter debate, abortion always has been a divisive issue in the African-American community.

In “African-American Women and Abortion,” an essay by Loretta J. Ross that traces the advocacy of black women in the planned parenting movement, the author noted that both the “left” and the “right” aligned themselves against black women when it came to birth control.

“That such disparate forces aligned themselves against African-American women demonstrated that both white bigots and black sexists could find common cause in the assertion of male authority over women’s decision regarding reproduction,” Ross wrote.

Although critics of Planned Parenthood still argue that the group had racist intentions, “[black women] perceived the free services to be in their own best interests,” Ross wrote.

Frankly, young women who end up in an abortion clinic aren’t thinking about politics. They are trying to survive.

The black abortion billboard reflects rhetoric that will cause a commotion.

But it will not change this tragic trend.

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New Study on Black Genocide at

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Please check out the study on Black genocide at

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Ohio House Speaker Finally Allows Teen Pro-Life Speech Winner to Address Legislature

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Ohio House Speaker Finally Allows Teen Pro-Life Speech Winner to Address Legislature
Kathleen Gilbert (February 16, 2010)

“I feel that what they meant to kind of silence this topic has just brought it more to light, and God has turned it all for His glory.”

(Dayton, Ohio)—For Elizabeth Trisler, the pro-life Ohio teen who made national news last week after she was denied the chance to receive a legislative honor by the pro-abortion Ohio House Speaker, getting up on a platform to defend life has been on the agenda for quite some time.
“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been doing this stuff,” says Trisler, who was set to receive the honor in recognition of her win in the National Right to Life oratory contest last year.

Elizabeth Trisler, and Chris SmithIn an interview with (LSN) last week, the teen said she was involved in the pro-life cause “before I was born”: Trisler’s mother had discovered that she was pregnant with Elizabeth—the first of five children—during the Rally for Life ’90, shortly after she was convicted on charges related to her pro-life activism. “My Nana [told her], you know, ‘That’s your reward for standing up for what was right,'” said Trisler.

But the young woman says the real turning point for her came when her mother sat her down at a very young age to explain what abortion was. She says she had just been shooed out of the room after the topic came up on a Focus on the Family program.

“When I was really little, my mom told me about abortion…that abortion was when they kill babies before they’re born. And I said, ‘That is wrong! I’m gonna stop that,'” said Trisler. “And you can picture: a little kid, they can stop anything!

“I made a list of people to call, you know—I figured if people knew, then how would they possibly let babies be killed?” she continued. “I made a list of phone numbers, I made this little trumpet thing, because I was going to announce it to the world.”

Trisler, 19, has gone on since that day to win two competitions in the National Right to Life Jane B. Thompson Oratory Contest—one at the local level in 2008, and then the national contest in 2009.

“Abortion means pain, anguish, death,” begins Trisler’s national award-winning speech. “This one word holds 50 million silent screams. But since 1973, it’s become just a normal word in America, describing a ‘quick, harmless procedure’ to fix a ‘little mistake.’ What does abortion really mean?”

Trisler’s speech goes on to enumerate the physical and emotional damage wreaked by abortion. She quotes at length one heartbreaking account of the oft-overlooked devastation felt by fathers who can only watch as their children are scheduled to be killed in the womb.

A father’s letter to his unborn child, as hosted by, reads: “For my beautiful princess Leah: today is the day before your innocent life is taken. I’m so sorry for letting you down, princess. I tried my hardest to save your life, that was so precious to me and your grandmother. My life won’t be right without you. You are on your way to be with the Lord…I love you darling and I always will, you live in me. Love, Daddy.”

“I just came across that, and I started crying,” said the teen.

After she won last year’s competition, Trisler was contacted and congratulated by many pro-life leaders, including Rep. John Adams, who said he would seek a resolution from the Ohio Assembly honoring her achievement. But, she said he admitted he would have to “make absolutely sure” that she would not give her speech on the floor while receiving the resolution, “just so there’s no questioning about” using the opportunity as a political platform.

After the resolution was inexplicably delayed for several months—”That got really frustrating,” Trisler recalled—House Speaker Armond Budish cancelled the reception outright. Budish cited fear that the topic was too controversial for the traditionally apolitical honor; following a media uproar, however, Budish reconsidered, and the honor was scheduled for last Wednesday.

When asked how she felt about the reversal, the Christian teen replied, “I feel that what they meant to kind of silence this topic has just brought it more to light, and God has turned it all for His glory.”

While admitting that she may be more outspoken than her more shy sisters, she said they were “just as passionate” as she, and in particular praised the help of her sister Sarah as “one of the biggest instruments that God used with this speech.”

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Motives: Self Examination – Truth Crushed to earth rises again in Georgia!

Friday, February 12th, 2010

During a time of soul searching, looking for answers, I kind of felt like a woman doing a self examination of her breasts, holding her breath, hoping not to find a lump. Not to worry, I’m not about to blog about the link between breast cancer, contraceptives and abortion, although there really is a link…
What comes to mind here, is that as we examine ourselves to see that we are “in the faith”, the opportunity to strengthen our soul-esteem comes when we remember that Jesus is our source, and by working together in teams, much can be accomplished… Jesus had a team of 11 devoted disciples (not counting Judas) and the 12 of them, Jesus and the 11 gave us the victories of the New Testament. Jesus is Lord, and his teachable followers can accomplish the greater works that HE promised.
The article below is so encouraging because the team of Black Prolife Leaders, working with other Prolife Warriors were prayerfully able to make a difference in the ongoing battle for life. God bless you…
National Black Leaders Join Georgia Legislators to End Ugliest Form of Racism: Abortion

Contact: Catherine Davis, Georgia Right to Life, 678-571-5309

ATLANTA, Feb. 11 /Christian Newswire/ — In 2008, blacks made up 30% of the population but over 57% of the abortions in Georgia. Today national black leaders gathered at the Georgia State Capitol to join a bipartisan group of black and white Georgia legislators to call for an end to the disproportionate levels of abortion in the black community in Georgia.

“Black children are aborted at three times the rate of all other populations. Georgia leads the country in the number of reported abortions performed on black women, 18,901 in 2008 alone,” Catherine Davis, Director of Minority Outreach for Georgia Right to Life reported.

Dr. Johnny Hunter, President of LEARN noted, “The civil rights activists did not fight to make lynching safe, legal, and rare. They ended it. We must fight to end the ugliest form of racism: abortion.”

Dr. La Verne Tolbert, former board member of Planned Parenthood stated, “Abortions increase where clinics are located and where are those clinics located? Ninety-four percent of the clinics are located in urban areas where blacks reside. In my own neighborhood which is an African American neighborhood in California, there are three abortion clinics strategically located all in the same area.”

On Tuesday, Representative Barry Loudermilk introduced bipartisan legislation that targets this very issue. The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, HB 1155, makes it illegal to knowingly perform, solicit or accept funding for either race- or sex-selection abortions. This bill is based upon existing federal legislation in the 111th US Congress.

“In Georgia, you cannot fire or hire a person based upon their race or gender. If discrimination is wrong in the workplace and in schools, those same standards should be applied to who enters this life and who doesn’t. No child should be kept from entering this world based upon their race, color, or sex,” said Representative Loudermilk

Dr. Johnny Hunter stated, “All the civil rights gained in education, voting, and equal job opportunities mean nothing to a dead black child.”

Catherine Davis noted, “HB 1155 will not victimize or harm women, but will hold accountable those who would perform, solicit, or coerce an abortion because of the race, color, or sex of the child.”

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr. commented, “I commend Rep. Loudermilk and the other legislators for ending this last bastion of racism. Abortion is the civil rights issue of the 21st Century.”

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